One after another foundations are being laid, buildings rise higher, housing developments are spreading further and further out of the city. Even if we don’t want to move away from the city, it’s come to the point where we have to get away from all the crowds and noise.
It’s hard to get unadulterated peace and comfort without forfeiting the convenience and opportunities that a city offers. Therefore, we take great pride in saying that we have achieved this. In the heart of Ankara, and in the most select area, 500m from Ugur Mumcu (Köroglu) Avenue, off Mercan (Koza-2) Street, we offer you luxury, fun, peace and quiet and security all at once.
As can be viewed in the Çankaya Construction Plan, our homes are surrounded by a 64.000 square meter "Park and Recreational Area", a 11.199 square meter "Forest", a 2.721 square meter "Park Area" and a 3.488 square meter "Grove". Aloha Residence is in the middle ofa 72.510 square meter forest with its own landscaped area of 11.526m².
So why are we different? Our answer is in the show apartment and gardens we have built and prepared with care, and which serve as a preview of Aloha Homes.