1.A first in Turkey! An O 2 Club in every home.
2. A SPA/Sports and Health Club, the “02 Club” that can only be accessed from your home and is constantly refreshed with fresh air and pure oxygen.
3. The privilege of accessing the O 2 Club in your private lift, wearing your workout clothes or swimming suit...
4. A unique project that is the winner of a competition for maximising the quality life.
5. As can be seen in the Çankaya Construction Plan, our homes are surrounded by a 64,000 m² of “Park and Recreational Area”, a 11,199 m² “Forest“, a 2,721 m² “Park Area” and a 3,488 m² “Grove”. With the internal landscaping area of 11,526 m² added on the top, Aloha Homes is located with a magnificent forestry area of a total 72,510 m².
6. A life shared with squirrels, turtles and birds in your garden.
7. Free of charge watering of our gardens from a DSI [National Water Authority] licensed, drilled well with a daily water capacity of 40 tons.
8. Two apartments on each floor, each apartment with at least 2 frontages.
9. None of the apartments share walls with others, therefore the apartments are completely noise and odor free.
10. A definite solution to odor and noise, excellent heat isolation applications.
11. In addition to the guests' car park and the open parking spaces, each apartment has two dedicated covered parking spaces, storage and a bicycle park.
12. A self gardening space is provided to those who are interested and a “Most Beautiful Garden of the Year” competition held every year.
13. A small basket of organically grown fruit and vegetables from our gardens for each apartment on Sundays during summer.
14. Wireless internet facilities at the O 2 Club, Cafe House and surrounding outside gardens.
15. Flower gardens, relaxation areas and children's playgrounds.
16. Open air cinema.
17. An indoors fireplace and winter garden “Gazebo”.
18. Multifunctional tennis, basketball and volleyball courts.
19. Jacuzzi and swimming pool with panoramic view of the garden, and an underwater music system.
20. Jet stream aqua - massagers and children's pool with entirely separate water circulation.
21. Teak sunbathing and relaxation terrace in the front garden of the swimming pool.
22. Spin-dryer for swimwear.
23. “Fitness Room” with fresh air and pure oxygen support viewing the gardens and the city of Ankara.
24. A “Multi-purpose Room”, “Vitamin Bar” and “Cafe House” all with the view of gardens and the city of Ankara.
25. Sauna with a full glass frontage, view of the gardens and the city of Ankara. In addition, there is also a steam room.
26. Exotic “Massage Room”.
27. Hairdresser.
28. Skin Care Unit.
29. Services of a “GP - Family Doctor”, “Dietician” and “Sports Trainer”.
30. Children's playroom that can be watched from your TV screen or the Internet.
31. Total of 9 lifts, 3 of which can accommodate stretchers.
32. Protective de-icing system applied to all building entrances, roofs and garage ways.
33. A “Car Wash Unit” and compressed air tire pump in the car park.
34. “Smart House” and VRF air conditioning infrastructure in every apartment.
35. 84 tons capacity stainless steel water tank and a clean water distribution unit.
36. Calorie meter and central heating system.
37. Immediate hot water 24 hours a day with a recycling pump.
38. Life-saving electric shock protector fuses and track lights in corridors.
39. A full-capacity generator.
40. Night vision security cameras, technological surveillance system and 24 hour security post and patrols.
41. A Multi-Switch System providing the opportunity to watch your favorite channels from 4 satellites in HD quality.
42. A fusion of vision and culture, blending the highest quality and top brands.
43. Concierge Services.
44. Professional management provided by Park Konut Inc. at no additional costs. Services Available On Request (Subject to appointment and applicable fees)
1. Health checks
2. Diet programmes
3. Massage
4. Hairdresser and Skin Care Unit
5. Aerobics, Pilates and special courses
6. Hot/cold snacks and drinks
7. Organization and catering services for special events
8. Car Wash
9. Housekeeping services for apartment
10. Technical Repair and Maintenance Services